Arkema will restrict resins' use in medical applications


Add Arkema (Colombes, France) to the list of companies that are requiring customers to use special, higher-priced grades of its plastics for medical applications.

In a statement released today, Arkema said:

"Products that do not have MED in their name are not recommended by Arkema for use in medical applications, in accordance with Arkema's medical policy. Arkema will support its customers to manage the transition to the MED during the first year. At the end of this transition period, on Jan. 1, 2014, only the MED grades will be available for use in medical applications."

The MED grades date back almost 10 years when Arkema rolled out special medical designations for some its specialty polyamide (nylon) products. The company now offers several MED grades for its main product lines: Pebax SA elastomers, Rilsan polyamide 11 and 12, and Rilsamid polyamide 12.
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