Arkema partners with Jayant Agro in India

Arkema and Jayant Agro have signed a joint venture agreement whereby Arkema will acquire a stake of some 25% in Ihsedu Agrochem, a subsidiary of Jayant Agro, specializing in the production of castor oil. This joint venture aims to develop castor oil production in order to provide Arkema with long-term secure and competitive access to this strategic raw material for the manufacture of its biosourced polyamides.

Jayant Agro is a leading producer of castor oil and derivatives. Its subsidiary Ihsedu Agrochem has been the pioneer of the castor oil industry in India and has an experience of over 60 years in the processing of castor seeds into oil. It has been one of Arkema's main suppliers from the outset.

This joint venture with Jayant Agro therefore falls in line with Arkema's strategy to secure the supply of a key raw material in order to support the development of its bio-sourced specialty polyamides in fast growing applications, such as innovative materials for lighter vehicles and oil & gas extraction.

The project should be finalized in the 3rd quarter 2013.

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