Arkema launches hydrophilic for catheters


Riding the wave of accelerating use of thermoplastic elastomers in medical tubing applications, Arkema is launching a new flexible, hydrophilic Pebax grade.

Hydrophilic Pebax MV1074 SA 01 MED polymer is described as suitable for use in minimally invasive devices that are exposed to bodily fluids for less than 30 days, such as surgical tubing. It is a polyether block amide copolymer that is USP VI certified and is said to offer excellent high moisture absorption properties for device components in wet environments, such as catheters.

"Most polymers used in minimally invasive surgical devices are hydrophobic and create friction against moist bodily tissue," Arkema said in a press release. "Hydrophilic coatings are often applied to these polymer components to reduce friction and avoid tissue trauma, yet they add additional manufacturing steps and may provide more lubricity than necessary."

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