Arkema: Strategic collaboration with Omya in Europe for Plastic Additives

Omya, a leading global provider and distributor of specialty chemicals, and Arkema, a leading global chemical company, announce that they have entered into an exclusive pan-European distribution agreement.

Under this distribution agreement, Omya will market Arkema´s Plastic Additives range for various polymer markets (impact modifier and processing aid solutions): "Plastistrength", "Durastrength", "Clearstrength" and "Biostrength" across Europe, except Spain and Portugal. This agreement is based on genuine synergy between the two companies: by leveraging its distribution network in Europe, Omya will bring extensive business opportunities for Arkema and provide a complete plastic additives range as well as tailor-made services to its clients.

"We are pleased that Arkema has chosen Omya as its exclusive distributor in most of Europe to trade its Plastic Additives. We have a strong customer base established over the past 130 years. We are confident that our customers will appreciate this opportunity to have access to Arkema's Plastic Additives" commented Bill Cardew, Omya's Vice President Sales Europe.

"This distribution agreement fits perfectly with our long-term development strategy for Plastic Additives in Europe. Arkema products will achieve a deeper market penetration while further enhancing our customer service. We are excited by the many synergies that will emerge from our two companies' combined know-how" added Arkema's Plastic Additives Commercial Director Martin Burki.

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