Arevo Labels uses 3D printing to create strong polymer parts


Arevo Labs, a Silicon Valley startup, announced the availability of technology and materials to create ultra strong high performance polymer parts using a 3D printing process. Supported materials include high performance polymers such as KetaSpire PEEK, AvaSpire PAEK, Radel PPSU and PrimoSpire SRP. Arevo's offering consists of proprietary carbon fiber and carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforced high performance materials, printing technology compatible with commercially available filament fusion 3D printers and specialized software algorithms to create 3D objects with deterministic mechanical properties.

3D printing with PEEK and other advanced reinforced polymers has previously been technically challenging. Arevo Labs' team has solved this problem by optimizing polymer formulations along with extrusion technology to make it suitable for additive manufacturing. Arevo Labs says its patent pending 3D printing technology combines the benefits of printing complex geometries with reinforced materials that have excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. The 3D printed parts optimized for
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