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XFORM 150 by SIPA-Athena

Join us at K 2013!

Meet tomorrow’s PET packaging challenges today.

Eager to expand your possibilities for design, flexibility, speed and efficiency? Come to the SIPA booth in Hall 13 and see the new technology that can help you achieve it. Be one of the first to learn how our innovations can bring you long-lasting, high-performing and more economically viable production in the packaging industry.

Welcome to the new era of lightweighting!

Imagine being able to produce a 500-mL bottle preform that weighs only 7.2 g with no production issues, either in injection or in stretch-blow. You’d be able to use less raw material, create less waste, reduce transportation costs, and limit your carbon footprint.

Now you can have it all. See the SIPA X-Mould new injection mold technology that’s allowing unprecedented weight reductions and redefining the boundaries of PET packaging at this year's K trade fair in Düsseldorf. The X-Mould allows production of lighter bottles whose mechanical properties and performance fully comply with the modern demands of the bottling industry. No need to change machines, either: The X-Mould works with both SIPA and existing legacy equipment.

Make preforms of all kinds faster and better than ever.

Following an enthusiastic reception at Drinktec in Munich, our XFORM 150 is coming to K 2013. Developed in partnership with the Canadian company Athena Automation Ltd, this latest system in our blockbusting PET product range offers unprecedented flexibility to small or mid-tier preform and bottle producers who use a single machine for multiple applications.

XFORM 150 accepts all legacy molds and is engineered for quick and easy mold changes.

Its fast, precise 150-ton two-platen clamping unit is ideal for low cavitation molds and short runs. Overall, the XFORM 150’s high-performing post-mold cooling systems improve cycle time, energy efficiency and output quality for all kinds of preforms, from thin-walled small-diameter preforms to thick-walled wide-mouths ones. In fact, the XFORM 150 consumes 20% less energy than the industry’s best-in-class machines.

Furthermore, to save you time, space and effort, we’ve designed the system for easy setup, maintenance and operation—all while achieving one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

If you want to reduce conversion costs and increase productivity, look no further! The XFORM 150 makes preforms cooler, faster and better.

Discover SIPA’s advanced own-built molds and hot runners.

Our own-built range of molds and hot runners has been engineered to help you save energy costs while achieving top preform quality and productivity. SIPA solutions offer a much longer mold life—up to 8MM cycle for the cold half—with significant savings in refurbishment , minimizing downtime. Come see a working example of this new technology complete with a 128-cavity injection mold at our K 2013 booth in Hall 13.

Get the benefit of SIPA expertise all along the line.

Choosing a SIPA solution gives you access to a wealth of design, production, and engineering knowledge all in one place. Behind every SIPA solution there’s the strong competence of a company that, for more than 25 years, has specialized in complete manufacturing lines of PET containers, including design, production, filling, and packaging solutions. Want to know more? Consult SIPA experts for advice and solutions at any stage of the PET production process to keep costs down and productivity high!

We look forward to seeing you soon!