Arburg, z-microsystems collaborate on lab-on-a-chip cell


One of the interesting demonstrations at Medtec Europe (Stuttgart, Germany, Feb. 26-28) will be production of a lab-on-a-chip showing new capabilities in molded microfluidics from an Austrian company.

An Arburg electric Allrounder 370 A with a clamping force of 600 kN and size 70 injection unit will produce parts developed by z-microsystems (Dornbirn, Austria). A two-cavity mold will produce a polycarbonate (PC) bottom layer with a part weight of 3.264g and a shot weight of 7.98g in a cycle time of 24 seconds. The lab-on-a-chip will be completed with a top layer containing its own microchip for transporting liquids and displaying results.

One of the possible areas of application may be in the delivery of continuous analysis results, for example from patients with chronic illnesses....
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