Arburg: more efficiency, higher productivity leads to excellent results


At an upbeat conference here at Fakuma 2014, Arburg was extremely positive about developments to date. Managing Partner Michael Hehl said he was "highly satisfied with the business trend and our incoming orders in 2014." According to Hehl: "Utilization of production capacities and delivery reliability are very good. Thanks to numerous measures, we have increased the efficiency of order processing, production and assembly, resulting in higher productivity."

Smilingly, he added that the company was looking forward this year to sales figures that are expected to be "above €500 million." "We don't usually conjecture about figures," he said. "But it will be well worth mentioning."

The positive results were not limited to sales alone - Hehl also mentioned that the number of staff had also increased, that various sites - including the company's headquarters in Lossburg - were being expanded and that completely new buildings were currently under construction in Poland and the U.S.
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