Arburg highlights applications in packaging, electronics, and medical


Arburg has brought an array of machine solutions to Chinaplas in Shanghai, including injection molding presses configured for the fast growing packaging, medical technology and electronics sectors in China.

In the electronics field, a polyamide-based thermoplastic injectable hotmelt adhesive from Henkel is being employed as an encapsulant for an LED circuit board and two connector cables, rendering the overmolded LED carrier waterproof. The vertical Allrounder 275 V used has a clamping force of 250 kN and size 100 injection unit.

The vertical press' screw that has been adapted to process the material has a diameter of 35 mm and the injection cylinder is equipped with a needle shut-off nozzle. With the 1+1-cavity mold used, the cycle time is around 110 seconds, which is ideal for a simultaneous manual insertion process. The molded part weighs 15.1 g.
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