Any given Sunday, PP composite delivers lighter, stronger shoulder pads


Sporting goods equipment supplier Riddell has chosen Milliken's Tegris thermoplastic composite for its next generation of shoulder pads, the LightSpeed. Tegris is primarily used as a composite armor material in military tactical vehicles, with some additional applications in motorsports, watersports, and construction applications. Milliken says its use here results in the lightest shoulder pads in football.

Tegris is made from a coextruded polypropylene tape yarn with a highly drawn core to provide the strength properties of a composite with a lower-melt polymer matrix. The tape yarn is woven into a fabric, with multiple layers of fabric stacked and consolidated with heat and pressure to form rigid sheets. The thickness of the sheets depends on the number of fabric layers in the structure. That sheet stock can then be used for panel applications or formed via pressure thermoforming processes....
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