Anti-microbial cork bathmats

Müller Plastics and Dorff Kunststoffe have jointly developed a system for manufacturing bathmats with the top surface layer made of Lifocork. This involves continuous extrusion of profiles that are then cut to the required sizes and bonded in a welding process. The resulting bathmats can be used individually and rolled up when not in use.

Unlike the PVC used in conventional bathmats, Lifocork has a pleasant natural feel and a premium appearance. This new generation of bathmats is extremely slip-resistant and this helps reducing the risk of accidents in wellness areas and swimming pool installations. Another practical aspect for mats located in wet areas is the option of treating the extrusion profiles of the mats to give them anti-microbial properties.

The cork bathmats are marketed directly by Dorff Kunststoffe. The company is based in Niederkassel, Germany.
Lifocork is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is non-slippery, and therefore especially suitable for handles. It can also be foamed to deliver a damping effect to orthopedic shoe lifts. Müller Plastics has developed different thermoplastic carrier systems (e. g. TPO, TPE, TPU, and soft PVC) which let the cork appear either elastic soft up to stiff and hard according to the requirements of the different applications. Lifocork is delivered in pellets (3?-?5 mm) and can be pro­cessed like a thermoplastic.