Another city, another plastic bag ban


Yes, here we go again - however this is a city in Texas, not California! The city of Austin, TX, has drafted a bag tax ordinance, which the Texas Retailers Assn. (TRA) calls "an oppressive and unnecessary burden on consumers." The proposal, released on Dec. 9, would force retailers to charge shoppers $0.25 per plastic or paper bag for three years, then restrict shoppers' access to paper and plastic "single-use" bags completely by banning them at many retail checkouts.

Ronnie Volkening, president and CEO of the Texas Retailers Assn., called the draft ordinance "draconian" in its approach, adding that it will hit families and lower income citizens "disproportionately" with rising costs. And, the ordinance completely ignores recycling. "Any ordinance that does not promote a comprehensive recycling effort is woefully short-sighted," he said in a recent release from the TRA.

In an article titled "Plastic Bag Bans are Bad for the Environment" that appeared in the Competitive Enterprise Institute's (CEI) WebMemo online newsletter, Angela Logomasini, Senior Fellow at the CEI, writes about the on-going anti- plastic crusades and the ridiculous reasons lawmakers give for banning plastic bags. She points to California Sen. Lowenthal who "advanced his bill to ban foam cups and packaging 'because it's a job booster for California.'"...

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