Ankle brace designed and molded in Indiana helps keep Peyton Manning in the game


True to his roots, Rick Peters is an Indianapolis Colts fan, and it would be an understatement to say that he was displeased when quarterback Peyton Manning left the Colts after 12 years to play for the Denver Broncos. Luckily for Manning, Peters doesn't hold a grudge.

Peters' company, Ultra Athlete LLC (Carmel, IN), designs and manufactures next-generation ankle braces that have gained legions of converts in the sporting world. When Peters learned that Manning might have to sit out the Broncos' Nov. 17 game against the then-undefeated Kansas City Chiefs because of an ankle injury, he sprang into action. Peters overnighted his company's Ultra CTS brace to Denver's head trainer just four days before the game. Peters was happy enough to see Manning take the field that Sunday, a game that the Broncos went on to win, but it's fair to say that he became ecstatic when a tight shot of Manning's leg during the game showed him to be wearing the brace. Peters was surprised—no one had alerted him that Manning might be sporting his invention—but only up to a point. "The sort of ankle injury that Manning sustained is painful and takes a long time to heal," said Peters, adding that the Ultra CTS brace is perfect for the sort of high ankle sprain from which Manning was suffering. "Having an athlete of that stature wearing our brace is a strong validation of our design," Peters told PlasticsToday....
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