Anatomy of a successful molding business: 30+ years and going strong


This is part 1 of a 3-part series on the evolution of an injection molding company. PlasticsToday was approached by this company who wanted to tell their history, which isn't unlike the history of many injection molding companies out there. History is important, and the history of this industry segment - and the molding companies that pushed the industry forward - shows how the plastics industry as a whole evolved into the huge manufacturing business it is today.

The year 1982 was just the beginning of what would become the decade of the boom in plastics, both for innovative materials and applications.

It was also that auspicious year that George E. Danis decided to get into plastics. His metal fabrication company in Watertown, MA, was doing well and many of the large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the Northeast were "growing like mad," explained Dick McKenney, a business partner of Danis. Companies like Lucent Technologies, Codex Corp., Wang and Phoenix Corp. were exploding with new products and while metal fabrication was the primary method for producing many of the housings and other components, plastics was coming on strong.
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