American Kuhne: New Compact MD Extruder Series

As a result of working closely with end users to develop an in understanding of their requirements, American Kuhne has satisfied the need for reduced floor space with a line of compact extruders. These extruders are designed to produce precision medical tubing within the space limitations that often exist in clean rooms.

The new Compact MD series extruder is designed specifically for clean room and/or controlled environments. The electrical controls are easily serviced and integral with the extruder frame, providing the benefit of reduced machine width and reduced floor space. The low profile control panel enables the operator´s unobstructed view across the clean room production area. The machine is designed with smooth external surfaces and rounded corners that allow for quick and easy wipe down. The ergonomically designed rotating operator control station can include simple discrete controls or the customer’s choice of three levels of AKcess touch screen control solutions. The Compact series extruder is also available with an option to include the entire main frame and safety guards to be made entirely of stainless steel in place of standard painted steel. The Compact Series is offered in 0.5” (12.7mm) to 1.75” (44mm) sizes. All extruders, systems and controls sold into Europe are CE labeled.

The Compact MD extruder is also available in an optional “Modular” variation where the barrel diameter and/or L/D can be quickly and easily changed to achieve different output ranges and/or simply to accelerate change-over and clean-out time.

Each American Kuhne extruder includes a Steward Barrier Screw that is designed specifically for the application. The Steward Barrier Screws are the heart of the process and provide a number of critical benefits. The screws are designed to maximize pressure stability for the tightest possible dimensional tolerances, ideally +/- 1.0% or better and minimize melt temperature variation, ideally +/- 1 degree or less. The screws provide the optimum melt temperature for the best possible product performance and surface finish. All design parameters and performance data is generated in AK’s Extrusion Lab and in the field, not the result of hypothetical computer modeling.

More informtion: www.americankuhne.com