American Kuhne: Medical Tubing Extrusion Open House in Germany

American Kuhne announced they will be demonstrating new equipment advancements at an open house at Kuhne GmbH on October 26th-27th, 2010. The company will feature a running tubing extrusion line at the open house that includes the newest generation medical extruder. This extruder is modular in design such that barrels and screws can be quickly and easily changed for fast product change-over or to change the barrel/screw diameter and/or L/D. This extruder also includes the latest AKcess touch screen control system.

The American Kuhne medical extruder is designed specifically for clean room and/or controlled environments. The electrical controls are easily serviced and integral with the extruder frame, providing the benefit of reduced machine width and reduced floor space. The low profile control panel enables the operator´s unobstructed view across the clean room production area. The machine is designed with smooth external surfaces and rounded corners that allow for quick and easy wipe down. The extruders are offered in 0.5” (12.7mm) to 1.75” (44mm) sizes and all extruders, systems and controls sold into Europe are CE labeled.

The die on this line will be a Guill Tool spiral-flow crosshead with feather touch concentricity adjustment. The extrusion line will be running with a LaserLinc ID/OD/Wall gauge and control system as well as a Conair MEDVAC precision vacuum sizer and a Medline Taper Tube puller/cutter.

Registration for the open house is free. Accommodations are not included with the registration and attendees are required to make their own travel arrangements. It is recommend that visitors stay at the Hotel Herting in Siegburg, Germany, which is very close to Siegburg train station (only 1 minute to walk!). Guests who will also be attending the K show in Düsseldorf and staying elsewhere can also take the train directly to Siegburg.

Contact: Achim Raschke, +49 (0)2241 9020, Raschke@kuhne.de