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Albemarle: Price increases for several brominated flame retardants

Effective 1 April 2010, Albemarle Corp (Europe: Albemarle Europe SPRL, Louvain La Neuve Sud / Belgium; www.albemarle.com) will raise global prices of several brominated flame retardants. Specifically, the group will ask customers to pay an additional 10% for “Saytex HP-3010”, “Saytex HP-5010”, “Saytex 8010” and “Saytex 4010”, whereas the price of “Saytex 102E” will increase by 15% and “Saytex HP-7010” will cost 25% more. Albemarle also will raise by USD 0.25/kg the price of its “Saytex CP-2000” grade.

The group had earlier announced that it will also hike the prices of elemental bromine and hydrobromic acid effective 1 April.

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