After a decade of contraction, injection molding poised for growth


The total value of the injection molding business declined from $62 billion at the start of the ought's to $50 billion by 2010, and yet some major molded part markets proved relatively recession-resistant, and in 2011 almost all the others are rebounding with an average annual growth of 4.1% for injection molded output in real (volume) terms forecast to 2014.

Those findings in Peter J. Mooney's newest report "The Markets for Injection Molders: Review and Outlook", which looks back over the production of regional injection molded output, in the aggregate and in all the major markets, from 2000 to 2010, a decade marked by two recessions and the inexorable rise of globalization.

Mooney notes that from 1970 to 2000, U.S. manufacturing industries grew at roughly the same rate as U.S. real GDP, but this historical relationship changed in the 2000s. Whereas U.S. real GDP growth averaged a subpar 1.7% over the last decade, the average annual change in the output of U.S. manufacturing industries was actually negative (-0.3%)....

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