After Arburg, Italian molding machine maker Sandretto enters 3D printing arena


The Italian press manufacturer Sandretto (Pont Canavese) is back in the game. Over the past two years, Sandretto has acquired a new owner, new management and new headquarters. It has developed innovative new products, expanded and improved its sales and technical support network and, importantly, undergone a cultural transformation, reaffirming its Italian identity, all with the aim of relaunching itself on the market as a leading and innovative international player. And with success.

Sandretto has taken advantage of the opportunity provided by the Plast Milan 2015 trade show to present a host of novel products, including a range of heavy-duty, industrial 3D Delta printers. With the launch of its new printer range, Sandretto becomes the second injection molding machine manufacturer to enter the additive manufacturing arena, after Arburg, who launched its freeformer two years ago at K2013.

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