After 25 years, Engel’s tie-bar-less technology still going strong


Twenty-five years ago, Engel decided to boldly go where no man had gone before. Going against the received wisdom of the time, the company developed a revolutionary, tie-bar-less design for its newest machines, which the company unveiled at the 1989 K Show in Düsseldorf. Although the logic of the new technology was clear to all, skepticism reigned. After all, everybody knew that the clamping unit of an injection molding machine had four tie-bars: that was the way it had been since time immemorial - or at least since the first injection press was built in 1956 - and the way people wanted it to stay.

Or maybe not. Twenty-five years on, tie-bar-less injection molding machines represent one of Engel's biggest revenue sources. Underlining the outstanding success of the new design principle, more than 60,000 tie-bar-less machines have been delivered around the world. Machines that offer large platen faces and free access to the mold area meet the need for high efficiency and cost-effectiveness in injection molding production more closely than any other design.

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