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Adiabatic ADcooler, not only for northern countries and not only in winter

ADcooler installation in Cyprus
Eurochiller’s solution to reduce energy consumption, when the demand of energy is higher and costs are prohibitive

Let’s talk of an installation recently started in the Mediterranean area and more precisely on Cyprus island, a country with raised temperatures in summer and with a cost for energy which is definitely higher than the standard market one.

Our customer is ELYSEE IRRIGATION, leading company producing a complete range of plastic pipes and fittings for irrigation and water supply , and its need was that of revising the existing cooling system to reduce its own energy consumptions/costs (exaggerated above all in summer, when the demand for energy to serve the HVAC plants installed by tourist facilities reaches its top, not only in terms of consumption but also of cost for each kW/h) and be much more competitive on the market.

Since the very beginning our target was then to reduce the operating costs of the chillers which were already installed.

Into details, the customer’s application needed a water temperature varying between 20°c and 25°C. The existing chillers worked with an outlet water temperature of 12°C; this was then mixed, for production grounds, up to +25°C with a consumption of 95 kW/h. This value, compared to the hot season (5 months per year) resulted in a cost for electrical consumption equal to € 90.680.

Considering the low values of relative humidity of the summer period, our very first consideration was that with the aid of our ADcooler we could achieve amazing results in terms of cooling capacity and temperature of water produced even in the hottest period of the year.

We have consequently sized and supplied to the customer an ADcooler Large Series mod. ADC-L 500 able to provide for a steady temperature value of 25°C even with summer environmental temperature of +36°C. Thanks to this “green” solution, our customer reduced the energy consumption during the summer period to 29,5 kW/h, with consequent reduction of costs to € 28.160, resulting in an effective savings of € 62.520, which by percentage corresponds to a reduction of the costs and of consumption of 70% compared to the initial threshold.