Adhesives combine with aluminum in lightweight Cadillac


Greater use of structural adhesives and aluminum is helping Cadillac (Detroit, MI) reduce overall weight of the ATS and all-new CTS sedans, reportedly contributing to better ride and handling and reduced cabin noise in both models.

The new CTS uses 387 feet of structural adhesive - more than the length of a football field - as a bonding agent that holds together and stiffens load-bearing parts and components. The extensive use of adhesive provides a damping effect, which reduces the transmission of vibration through the body structure. This reportedly pays off in fewer squeaks and rattles reaching the driver.

The heavy-duty adhesive material, along with traditional metal joining processes like spot welding, also makes a stiffer, more durable joint. These advanced techniques, in addition to the use of high-strength steels and efficient geometry helps make the new CTS sedan 40 percent stiffer than the previous model.
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