Adhesion promoter bonds aluminum, polyamide in injection molding process


An insert molding process employing a co-polyamide adhesion promoter to bond aluminum tubing with fiberglass-reinforced polyamide 6 is being used by Mercedes Benz in several of its vehicles to derive weight savings.

The aluminum tubing employed in the vehicles connects both A-pillars together and supports the entire dashboard—from the steering wheel to the glove compartment. These elements used to be welded or screwed together with metal connecting plates, a stable solution, but one that involves more weight.

By contrast, Vestamelt X1333-P1, a co-polyamide from Evonik Industries (Essen, Germany), covers the aluminum tubing and joins the holding brackets (made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide 6) of the individual components to the tubing by means of an injection molding process based on melt-bonding. When this adhesion promoter is used, component weight can be dramatically reduced by up to 20% compared to conventional solutions....
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