Addivant receives FDA approval for liquid antioxidant


Consistent innovation is something that many industries struggle to achieve. Oftentimes, companies will innovate sporadically and under duress. But Peter Smith, president and CEO of Addivant, does not believe that is the case for the present-day additive market.

"All in all, additives are the single biggest factor polymer producers can do to differentiate and improve," he told PlasticsToday. "We do think we are moving into a new phase in the polymer industry and the role additives play. We strongly believe that Addivant will bring solutions to the polymer industry that has not existed before."

The company recently announced that its Weston 705 liquid antioxidant has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food contact applications. The company touts that the product delivers major benefits across the entire value chain, from resin producers and converters to retailers and consumers.
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