Additive manufacturing, rapid tooling give gamers intricate miniatures, fast


It used to take from 90 to 120 days to move from design to manufactured part for a typical toy, but one company has found a way to manufacture their character figures in "far less time and achieve levels of detail that were difficult if not impossible to obtain in the past." The new miniature character figures from Wyrd (pronounced 'weird') Miniatures debuted at the recent Gen Con, touted as the world's largest gaming show and featured miniatures for its hit character skirmish game "Malifaux".

Wyrd and its product design firm, Ghost Studio, relied on the Freeform 3D modeling from Geomagic to digitally sculpt 40 miniatures for six new box sets. They then used the digital designs as the basis of a streamlined digital manufacturing process that moves from art to production tooling via STL milling. People familiar with stereolithography in additive manufacturing might be familiar with STL, which uses triangular facets that are able to represent just about any freeform shape....
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