Addex develops an enhanced automatic external gauge system for blown-film extrusion


Addex Inc., a global supplier of blown-film equipment and components, has launched an enhanced automatic external gauge control (EGC) system for blown-film extrusion lines.

The new Tandem external gauge control (TEGC) system combines the gauge control of Addex's EGC air ring with a bubble stabilizing lower air ring, which achieves 15% to 30% greater output compared to Addex's standard EGC system.

The lower single-lip air ring sits on the die and matches the die's diameter. It is fed by a blower about half the size of the blower needed for a typical air ring. The blower gently cools the bubble and stabilizes it before entering the realm of the upper, dual-lip automatic gauge-control air ring, which is located above it. Addex said the more stable bubble allows for higher output without jeopardizing the gauge control function....
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