Across Asia, plastic prices trend downwards


The past days have seen the prices being asked for plastics drop across Asia, according to plastics pricing website, which shared its research with us. Whether PP, PE, PS or PVC, the trend line was tending south for all of them, with HIPS the lone exception for which prices actually moved higher.

Polypropylene (PP) prices drifter lower in Asia this past week, reported Polymerupdate, with lackluster regional buying the primary reason. PP injection and PP raffia grade prices were at $1520/tonne CFR Far East Asia levels while PP film grade prices were at $1530/tonne levels. Block copolymer prices were at $1550/tonne CFR Far East levels. In South East Asia, prices of PP injection and PP raffia were at $1530/tonne levels while PP film prices were at $1540/tonne levels.

In India, suppliers from the Middle East offered their PP injection and PP raffia grades at $1560/tonne CFR levels while PP film offers were at $1580/tonne CFR levels.
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