A year later, the challenge for moldmakers and their suppliers is meeting demand


What a difference a year makes! At last year's annual convention of the American Mold Builders Assn. in Orlando, FL, the atmosphere was downright depressing. We were only eight weeks into 2010, after a brutal 2009. Many mold company owners saw their peers struggling in worse ways that they had, with some talking bankruptcy or even closing their doors altogether. The tendency was to "turtle"-pull in all exposed extremities, wait it out, and hopefully survive. Attendees were visibly pessimistic and uncertainly prevailed. Conversation was cautious as few dared to hope.

Fast-forward to Las Vegas in 2011: After a shaky start, 2010 turned out to be the best year ever for many of these mold manufacturers. In response, many expanded their plants and added new machinery and equipment. Some mentioned they are sold out of machine time for the next six months as backlog builds....
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