A whole range of high matt solutions for vehicle interiors

Whenever a high quality matt aspect is required for vehicle interiors, VitasheetGroup’s site of Royalite Cuggiono has a unique solution to propose with its cap sheet technology.

Effectively, for this type of application, Royalite Cuggiono can produce a thin gauge coloured ABS film via a calendering process. This film is then laminated and embossed on the surface of the main ABS layer during the extrusion process.

The main advantage of this technology is that it gives a very high matt surface that is difficult to achieve with co-extrusion technology. Moreover, the high opacity of the cap sheet, together with very tight colour monitoring gives an excellent colour consistency, as the external layer will cover small colour variation of the inner layer. The embossing is made at high temperature with oil heated cylinders, which gives a deep embossing and excellent grain retention, even after thermoforming.

This technology can be used on any ABS substrate, so VitasheetGroup has developed a whole range of product to meet the various needs of vehicle interiors.