A smarter package? Bemis and Thinfilm to develop intelligent packaging platform


Plastics packaging powerhouse Bemis Company Inc. and Thinfilm Electronics have partnered to create a flexible sensing platform for the packaging market. This new category of packaging will collect and wirelessly communicate sensor information, for use by food, consumer product and healthcare companies.

Thinfilm CEO Davor Sutija told PlasticsToday that the initial introduction between Bemis and Oslo-based Thinfilm happened at the LOPE-C conference in 2011. After this, the companies began exploring how their roadmaps could intersect, and discovered interesting strategic overlap, both short and long term.

Thinfilm has previously announced technology partnerships to develop what the company calls "an inexpensive, integrated time-temperature" sensor for use in monitoring perishable goods and pharmaceuticals. Under the agreement with Bemis, Thinfilm will extend this work to create a customizable sensor platform that Bemis will subsequently tailor to its customers' individual requirements.

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