A patient Bekum finally finds right combo for electric unit


Electrically powered extrusion blowmolding machines are hardly new, and officials at Bekum (Berlin, Germany) admit as much. But, they insist, just changing a drive from hydraulic to electrical power does not make for a better machine, so they bided their time and kept developing until last week's K show in Düsseldorf, Germany, which was the global premier of Bekum's Eblow machine.

Working in an exclusive relationship with Bosch-Rexroth, the two developed a hybrid drive for the machine's closing system. The drive is optimized to handle the transition from rapid motion (mold close) to force motion, and is fully adjustable and stroke-independent. Maximum force build-up is available immediately after the switchover. Even with all of this force, the unit is a quiet 68 dB.

The Eblow is the commercially ready version of an electric extrusion blowmolding machine that Bekum displayed at the K show in 2007....
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