HENSCHEL Antriebstechnik GmbH

A new type of melt pump revolutionises the extrusion process

The Xtreamor® melt pump, developed by HENSCHEL, increases the output performance of

compounding lines along with a significant energy reduction.

The task of the single or twin screw extruder in the extrusion process is to melt, homogenize, compound and degas the material.

When the necessary pressure needed by the attached extrusion tools like nozzles, dies and pelletizers, is too high for an extruder or compounding line, then single screw discharge extruders or gear pumps are used to build-up the needed pressure.

In compounding or extrusion lines, which are primarily designed for high through puts, the polymer is very often worked up to a breaking point.

Unnecessary shearing of the polymer caused by the pressure build-up device damages the product. Another determining factor concerning the product quality is also the conveying continuity of the device building the needed pressure.

The solutions available on the market, discharge extruder and gear pump, need high pre pressure. This additional performance has to be yielded by the compounder and leads inevitably to compromises in the design of the process units. Valuable potential achievement is thereby given away. Reducing the necessary pre pressure and using the forced conveying ability, following potentials are freed:

  • Significant increase of the line output

  • Substantial energy saving

  • Improved product quality

Gear pumps increase the process temperature conditioned by their design. For abrasive or highly filled melts, i.e. filled with glass fibre, wood or CaCO3, gear pumps are very often not used as the polymer lubricated bearings are subject to insufficient lubrication and severe wear.

Single screw discharge extruders show material deposits in the screw caused by a missing self-wiping effect. This leads to poor polymer quality and a reduction of output. In relation to the output performance relatively large single screw extruders with a big foot print are necessary.

With the new Xtreamor® melt pump, developed by HENSCHEL, the pressure build-up happens by specially designed and adjusted to the melt properties, twin screws. The Xtreamor® works with lowest possible pre pressure due to the design-conditioned forced conveying. High output pressure can be achieved by continuous pressure build-up. Thereby the HENSCHEL Xtreamor® guarantees lowest possible stress and strain of the material. A direct performance comparison with conventional gear pumps shows up to 50% energy reduction and explains clearly the lower melt temperatures measured in the production process.

Nearly constant pressure and constant temperature play a crucial role in the use of the Xtreamor®.

In the application the Xtreamor® offers the following advantages:

  • Process optimised conveying geometry

  • Continuous and careful pressure build-up

  • Constant process pressure with lowest possible pre pressure (0-2 bar)

  • Significant increase of output

  • Highest output pressures viable

  • Longer lifetime of extruder components as no pressure build-up necessary

  • Improved product quality

  • Controllable process temperature

  • Constant temperature during output

  • Substantial energy saving (depending on product up to 50%)

  • No leakage flows in the melt pump

  • Extremely maintenance friendly

  • Simple cleaning

  • Easy screw change at product change over

  • No markings in the end product

  • Fastest ROI due to performance increase of existing lines

  • Increasing productive capacity of older lines, as the pressure build-up zone is eliminated and this area of the extruder can be used to increase the output performance

This new and patent pending design is ideal for all known applications in the extrusion process where a pressure build-up of the melt is necessary.

Especially with sensitive and highly filled materials the HENSCHEL Xtreamor® proved for months its performance in production lines with high through puts.