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A new generation of granulate

Injection molding chair

New high-quality bio composite Suitable for manufacturing both consumer and industrial Extrusion and Injection-molding products. Extrusion and Injection-molding granulates are manufactured from cellulose fibre and pure plastic polymers (polypropylene and Polyethylene) The proportion of renewable fibre is typically 80%

Fibroform is a material offering outstanding innovation and sustainability. It is a new type of composite material, whose development was very investment and research intensive and resulted in a new and absolutely sustainable recycling technology - a real alternative that will certainly have a very positive impact on our environment . Fibroform for injection molding and Extrufib for extrusion applications is a unique material that combines the best properties of cellulose fibers and plastic. Produced mainly from recycled raw materials, the compound has proven to be tough and humidity resistant.