A new fatigue test machine for crack growth analysis in rubber compounds

01dB-Metravib, the world-renowned Dynamic Mechanical Analysis specialist, introduces a brand new fatigue test machine: DMA+300, specifically designed and dimensioned for fatigue tests on elastomers and crack growth tests.

The principle of the crack growth test consists in initiating a crack on one side of the elastomer film specimen and following up the growth of the crack using an optical system during a dynamic mechanical fatigue test.

DMA+ 300 consists of a floor standing mechanical test frame, control and acquisition electronics and a computer station equipped with a dedicated software MULTITEST.

DMA+300 includes a thermal chamber designed for an operating temperature range well beyond the requirements commonly encountered for elastomer analysis, i.e.,
from -150°C to 600°C.

The test can be carried out by setting the specimen to a specific oxygen rate.

A cutting system is integrated inside the front door of the thermal chamber.
A cut can then be made in the specimen to initiate a crack, very precisely and repeatedly.

In front of the thermal chamber the motorized binocular microscope makes possible to follow up the crack growth with a unique accuracy.

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