A messy battle: Solving full-wrap shrink sleeve label recycling issues


If you're an attendee of a conference, of any kind, typically the drama factor is pretty low, especially toward the end of the day when people are more concerned about if they will order steak or fish at dinner and if a bottle of wine is a bit excessive for a Tuesday night.

So it's safe to say it was pretty unexpected at The Packaging Conference (Feb. 4-6; Atlanta, GA) when inter-presenter disagreements moved front and center late in the day. The Tuesday afternoon session at The Packaging Conference focused on plastic recycling challenges and potential solutions. Tensions emerged when Tom Busard, chairman of the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR), took issue with two of the presentations prior to his.

In her speech, Holli Whitt, market development manager of sustainability for Eastman Chemical, discussed the full-wrap label consortium that the company organized to develop solutions surrounding PET bottles and full-wrap labels in the recycle stream.
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