A look at the economics of polystyrene foam foodservice bans

Chuck Gallagher, operations manager for Commodore Plastics, has a term for supporters of bans on polystyrene foam foodservice packaging.

"I guess they're just 'foam haters,'" he told PlasticsToday. "They hate all packaging. If there were a way to get a product to the grocery store in a safe fashion without packaging - that would be ideal for them. But foam is only about 5% material, so what they are looking for?"

Bloomfield, NY-based Commodore Plastics manufactures foam trays for meat processors and grocery stores. When word got out about New York City's proposed ban, the company was less than pleased. Especially since almost all of its foam sales are in the U.S.

"A ban in New York City would hurt," said Brad Braddon, president of Commodore Plastics. "When I hear about the bans, for me, it's just politics. It seems that they don't have any idea about foam or even much reason on why they think it's bad, it's not based on facts, but hearsay."...

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