A good run for Erema: Twelve weeks and €38 million in orders


The Austrian manufacturer of plastics recycling machinery says the weeks leading up to and immediately following the triennial K show (Oct. 27-Nov. 3, 2010) proved to be some of the best in the company's history as it took orders for €38 million worth of equipment in the span of just three months.

The trend of a rapidly increasing volume of order intake that began before the trade fair has continued since, according to the manufacturer, which is based in Ansfelden, Austria, near Linz. The expansion of the company's infrastructure is also making progress with a new customer test center due to be completed by mid-2011. The volume of orders was the most the company has ever recorded in such a short period of time. Total turnover for the company in its FY 2009/10 was €74 million....
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