A Wago Industrial PC Automates a Pipe-handling Tool for Oil and Gas Drilling


The Wago IPC is a compact industrial PC solution for real-time control applications, e.g offshore automation in hazardous areas, as this article shows.

When an oil or gas well is drilled, the drill pipes, risers, and casings must be securely connected as they are assembled. This is done using a special handling tool which uses a carefully determined torque to grip each section. Torque setting and other operations are normally carried out manually, but for offshore drilling in Norway the operator wished to automate the operation of the handling tool, which covers pipe diameters of 27⁄8–20 inches (60–510 mm) and has a maximum torque capacity of 150,000 ft lb (205,000 Nm).

The application called for a particularly light and compact control system suitable for harsh environmental conditions. This proved an ideal job for a Wago industrial PC and I/O system....
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