ASA alloys open up to auto opportunities


The alloying of amorphous styrene co-polymers and semicrystalline thermoplastics like polyamides (PA) and PBT creates materials with ideal properties for many applications in the automobile and electrical industries according to compounder Romira (Pinneberg, Germany). On account of their chemical composition and their ability to build crystalline structures, PA and PBT add the outstanding properties of enhanced stiffness, temperature and chemical resistance and excellent stress crack resistance to polymer blends with styrene polymers.

Glass fiber-reinforced semi-crystalline thermoplastics are known for their tendency to warp, a tendency which is significantly reduced by adding SAN or ASA. This combination guarantees a superior finish and enables application in various visible parts in the automobile and electrical industries. These properties are already being employed in the finishing of automotive trim using Romiloy PBT/ASA 5250 GF20. With eight to 30 per cent glass fiber or in combination with minerals, Romira offers a number of compound variations in its Romiloy 5240 series for injection molding applications.
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