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AR Talc

AR Talc
AR TALC T is a high brightness and microparticles talc produced by revolutionary new engineered milling techniques which create large number of lamellar particle structure means high aspect ratio, these lameller particle (high aspect ratio) function as a spacer extender and fills the sub-microns space between TiO2 particles providing an optimal light scattering effect.

An ultrafine talc with high aspect ratio provides increase in Notch Impact Strength and also improves dimensional stability. It also provides higher HDT and increases flexural strength and flexural modulus.

AR Talc is a reinforcing filler and a processing aid in rubber applications. Our AR Talc is particularly suited to high impermeability applications. The AR Talc is made from purest Talc deposits and specially processed to provide a larger specific surface area product than most regular Talcs available in the market. Talc being the softest mineral on earth does not wear metal components (extruders, moulds.) . Ultrafine AR Talc provides enhanced reinforcement properties in rubber / elastomer applications.

Reinforcing Filler: AR Talc is used as a reinforcing filler in all rubber applications enhancing tensile strength, elongation, modulus and tear resistance.

Processing Aid: AR Talc platelets create an internal lubricating effect between the elastomer chains thereby helping to reduce compound viscosity & making the processing of moulded and extruded parts easier.

Permeability (for tires, hoses, stoppers, sealings and membrane applications): AR Talc's lamellar particles create an impermeable barrier, substantially reducing air and liquid transmissions. AR Talc also diminishes plasticizer evaporation, resulting in good thermal and weathering resistance, thereby extending service life. High Aspect Ratio AR Talc impart excellent barrier properties to tire inner liners.

Key Benefits
Improve dry opacity
Improve mud cracking resistance
Enhance barriers effect
Silky look to the paints
Improve durability and appearance of the paint film
Anti corrosive
Outstanding wet scrub resistance