AMI: New study about global market for PP compounds

An authoritative report from industry consultants, AMI Consulting, published in June 2014, quantifies and analyses the global market the polypropylene compounds. The study segments the market into NAFTA, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Middle East/Africa, by product family and by application. Within the automotive segment which is the largest market for PP Compounds, applications are split into interiors, exteriors and underhood.

The report quantifies in detail PP Compound demand by OEM as well as providing an analysis of the industry´s supply structure and up-to-date information on the world´s largest producers of PP Compound. The report is fortuitously timed because of the rate of structural change in the industry which has recently seen ExxonMobil announce the sale of its North American Speciality PP Compounds business to Washington Penn and A. Schulman complete the acquisition of assets from Ferro Corporation. Equally fast change is occurring in the Chinese market where the level of investment is running at high levels.

Fast growth in Asia means that the region now accounts for 45% of global demand compared with 30% in Europe and 25% in the Americas.

The new report will be published annually to ensure that current information is available in support of the strategic decisions that are required of participants to ensure they keep abreast of developments within this fast changing industry.

AMI Consulting has published a number of multi-client studies in the field of PP Compounds including a report in 2013 called the European Market for PP Compounds and it will shortly be publishing a detailed review of the global market for LFT (long fibre) PP compounds.

This report is aimed at assisting industry participants in anticipating change, formulating strategies, directing R&D investment, and proactively managing threats and opportunities. It focuses on the global automotive industry which is the most international of markets for PP Compounds.

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