AMBA member starts 'iPad for Wounded Warriors' campaign


When Tim Bartz, VP of operations for Mold Craft Inc. (Willernie, MN), heard about the work that Will Byers, a veteran of the Iraq war, does with members of the 3/5th Black Horse Battalion who have been wounded in Afghanistan, he knew he had to help out somehow.

Bartz heard about Will Byers' efforts from Will's father, Bob Byers of Byers & Assoc. LLC, a company that provides consulting services to mold manufacturers. Bob has been affiliated with the moldmaking industry most of his life. "My son is a Marine, but just before he was set to deploy to Afghanistan, he was found to have cancer," explains Bob Byers. "My son stayed behind at Camp Pendleton to have surgery, and while recovering and receiving treatment, he works in the office doing the reporting for the battalion's casualties. He knows all of these people personally in his battalion, and many of these came back to the Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego for treatment."...
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