Fan shroud made from AKROMID® Lite, picture credits Kunststofftechnik Backhaus GmbH
AKRO-PLASTIC to present expanded portfolio

Together with K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG, distributor of engineering plastics and sister company in the internationally active Feddersen Group, AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, specialist in innovative, application-oriented plastic compounds, will present a number of new developments at the K-2013 trade fair in cooperation with its subsidiary, AF-COLOR.

AKROMID® Lite and XtraLite
AKROMID® Lite is a reduced-density polyamide blend which lowers the weight of the finished component by up to 10%, depending on grade. Reducing the weight in this manner while retaining the strengths is the easiest way to make vehicles lighter. The PA6.6- and PA6-based blends are made with a glass-fibre content of up to 40% and show improved flowability compared with standard polyamide. Moreover, the 30% and 40% glass-fibre-reinforced grades pass both the calcium chloride (CaCl2) test and the zinc chloride (ZnCl2) test in accordance with SAE standard J2044. For applications with more complex geometry, the company has developed AKROMID® Lite B3 GM 10/20 1 L black, a grade containing glass fibres and glass beads which reduces warpage in large-surface components while providing excellent surface finishes.

AKROMID® with XTC stabilisation
AKROMID® XTC is an innovative heat stabilisation product for use at extreme temperatures of over 200°C. AKROMID® C3 GF 30 5 XTC provides electrically neutral, highly efficient heat stabilisation. Even when stored at 210°C, the product strength drops by a mere 9 MPa from an outstanding 190 MPa after 3,000 hours of storage. And the elongation at break, starting off at 3.7%, still has a value of 2.6% (and thus ductile characteristics) after the same ageing period, making this product another material which supports lightweight design since it retains sufficient mechanical reserves even after heat ageing.

Once again available, this aliphatic polyketone (PK) will again elicit an enthusiastic response from the industry. Unlike in 2000, when Shell unveiled its polyketone under the trade name Carilon, today the product is used by a number of compounders, increasing the competition directly from the outset. Under the name AKROTEK® PK, AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH manufactures compounds made from this material which exhibit superb hydrolysis resistance. These products are characterised by extremely high barrier properties against fuel and oxygen, as well as minimal wear and tear with homogeneous mating and extremely high resilience. AKROTEK PK grades are ranging from unreinforced up to 50% glass-fibre reinforcement. With its excellent creep resistance it is a dedicated material for high demanding applications.

The basic product range of PA6- and PA6.6-based polyamide compounds is also available up to 60% glass-fibre reinforcement. The extreme strengths of these products are achieved with a particularly gentle compounding method which allows efficient incorporation of the glass fibres into the polymer. The extruders, from FEDDEM GmbH & Co. KG*, also a Feddersen Group company, guarantee the consistent quality of the compounds. In many cases, AKROMID® A3 GF 60 1 can replace significantly more expensive aromatic polyamides. The specialists from AKRO-PLASTIC will be happy to answer your queries.

AKRO PLASTIC GmbH has also further expanded its product range in the area of impact-strength-modified compounds (AKROMID® HI). Alongside compounds with normal impact strength, high-impact products with improved weld-line strength are now being offered. As a result, these products have been successfully substituted in industrial applications which were previously the domain of complex metallic designs, for instance.

Expansion to South America
Since 2005 AKRO-PLASTIC has had a production plant in China. In 2012 the facility underwent an expansion and moved to a new location, where 2 production lines now turn out a capacity of approximately 7,000 tonnes per year. At present, the company is preparing for its market entry in South America. In early 2014, it will build a production line in São Paulo and implement the successful concept established in China. Identical products with identical formulations will then be produced at all three locations, creating the same conditions and outcomes for the international market.
This offers customers the option producing high demanding applications with narrow processing windows globally.
The same is true for certifications the company has acquired and continually expanded as part of its integrated management system.

Toll compounding
Besides its own product portfolio, AKRO-PLASTIC also offers toll compounding services. From small orders to full service, the compounder guarantees flexible, efficient production with high-quality results. As one of few mid-sized providers of plastics production and compounding services, the Niederzissen facility also offers assured materials testing using test methods certified by the Deutscher Akkreditierungsrat (German Accreditation Council) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025. The test methods used have been certified by the German Accreditation Council in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025.

AF-COLOR, subsidiary of AKRO-PLASTIC, being the masterbatch specialist within the Feddersen Group, presents the following new developments. For the packaging industry a new family of masterbatches has been created, optimized for the film applications. lubricants and clarifiers within the AF-Complex®series dedicated for the injection moulding and thermoforming process have been added to the portfolio. For the use in various extrusion applications a range of dry blends have been developed.
For dedicated industry segments the portfolio has been broadened. For the challenges of polyamide moulding in the automotive sector the foaming agent portfolio of AF-Complex® range has been added. Optimized temperature resistance for PA colours can be achieved with the new AF-Color® high performance carrier.
For the decision makers in the cosmetic industry a service package has been created which offers e.g. feasibility studies showing the use of various colour designs with different polymer grades. A further service is now available, supporting demanding colour developments with weathering and light exposure test.

The K.D. Feddersen, AKRO-PLASTIC and AF-COLOR joint stand can be found at the K-2013 in Hall 06, Stand B42.

* FEDDEM GmbH & Co. KG will also be exhibiting at the K-2013 trade fair. FEDDEM is located in Hall 15, Stand A42.