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As a specialist, STM already has 10 years experience in fine waterjet technology, as impressively demonstrated by the JETMax precision compact cutting system.

Bischofshofen. Fine waterjet cutting technology is the shooting star of the miniaturised components industry. By reducing the kerf to only
0.3 mm, accuracies as fine as 10 µm are attainable. Filigrees and highly precise workpieces from a wide range of materials can be cut without problem using a fine waterjet, where use of alternative, heat-generating cutting technologies would cause distortion or edge hardening. This benefit is especially advantageous in hard metal processing, particularly in the production of hard metal tools. In general, the smallest metal, composite, plastic, ceramic and glass components as used in the mechanical engineering, electronics, automotive, chemical, jewellery, watch making and food industries can be optimally processed. Even now there are still only very few systems available on the market which can meet the challenges of this technically supreme discipline. In contrast to many new providers, the waterjet specialists from STM, Austria and Maximator JET, Germany have been developing fine waterjet cutting machines since 2001 and today have available
a wide range of high-performance compact systems. Thanks to the modular configuration of these precision compact cutting systems, they can be perfectly matched to highly specialised cutting tasks and cut workpieces ten times as accurately as traditional waterjet cutting systems.

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