Eurochiller S.r.l.

ABF: The winning solution

Ultimate Flexipack Limited, associated with one among the major industrial groups in India - Uflex Limited - recently concluded the purchase from Eurochiller of 12 ABF chillers to be coupled to lines for blown film extrusion.

The Indian producer states that the market is suffering a growing competitiveness which forces to turn towards top quality standards: that’s the reason why Ultimate Flexipack decided to fit the 6 blown film lines recently bought from Mamata Brampton, Windmoller & Holscher e Reifenhauser Kiefel Extrusion with Eurochiller ABFs.

The ABFs will be used for the cooling of the air ring (OBC) as well as for the cooling of the inside bubble (IBC) on lines producing more than 900 kg/h each; the units will operate under heavy environmental conditions with high temperature range granting the steady control of the temperature of the air to the bubble, which is a must to attain top quality levels.