Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.


The Abacus Air Ring innovative design has been developed to optimize the quality of film produced on Blown Film Lines by minimizing anomalies of film thickness across the web. The fast response ”Alpha Touch” software developed by Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies allows the flow of information received from the rotating sensor to instantaneously adjust the direction of airflow through the fingers of the Abacus cooling ring allowing a uniform thickness around the bubble. The Alpha Touch software (Patent pending) also contains a library which will allow store an endless number of recipes for renewed product runs.

Standard Features
* Adjustable Outer Collar Cone for increased cooling efficiency and bubble stability
* Available in Stationary or rotating models
* Precision machined cast aluminium construction
* Model Series chamber can accommodate interchangeable lipset sizes
* Patented Low Pressure design air chamber dynamically designed to reduce heat generation
* Magnehelic Gauge
* Temperature Gauge
* Automated air ring air flow channels are fine tuned automatically adjusted according to the data received from Alpha Touch software
* Alpha Touch software includes (2) Stepper motors for complete 360 °
* Oscillation
* Measuring devices incorporated with Abacus will vary and are depended on film application

* Separate PC base control panel with Ethernet capability
* Touch Screen Panel control
* Nuclear or Non Nuclear Head depending on application requirements
* Live Ring with (2) step up motors