A. Schulman: New long-term heat resitant polyamide grade for under the hood applications

A. Schulman Inc., a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds, powders, composites and resins, today announced that it has developed a new long-term heat resistant polyamide grade, "Schulamid” XT180, for under the hood applications. With this new development the company addresses the trend of the increasing level of temperatures in the engine compartment which requires plastics with a focus on optimized heat resistance and stiffness under temperature.

"The benefits of our new polyamide grade, ‘Schulamid' XT180, is its optimized long-term heat resistance combined with the high heat distortion temperature,” said Horst Klink, Vice-President Engineered Plastics EMEA. "This combination differentiates the new grade from conventional PA grades and offers the automotive industry another fit-for-purpose solution for their higher temperature needs.”

The newly developed grade is available globally with 35% and 50% glass fiber content. The maximum long-term use temperature validated by lab heat ageing tests is 180°C over 3.000h for "Schulamid” XT180.

Typical optimized heat resistance applications include resonators, charge-air manifolds, charge-air pipe and intercooler (intake side).

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