800°F here we come: Ultra Purge targets ultra high-temperature materials


Moulds Plus International USA will be introducing a new grade of purging compound targeting high-temperature materials, including modified PEEK, with the ability to go up to 800°F.

Graziano Pestarino, president Moulds Plus International USA, which markets the Ultra Purge line of chemical cleaning and purging compounds, told PlasticsToday at Plastec West 2013 that the new product will target applications in areas like medical and aerospace, where small lots are common and material changes can be very difficult but changeover scrap is too costly. Pestarino said the grade, which utilizes a new formulation, is currently undergoing testing with customers and will be called HTPlus. The company plans on keeping its current HT high-temperature grade as well. That grade works in a temperature range from 555°F (290°C) to 716°F (400°C) purging materials like PEEK, PPO, PPS, and PEI. ...
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