77-mph bicycle employs polyamide drive chain


The Human Power Team of Dutch cyclists won the 2012 World Human Powered Speed Challenge (from 10 September to 15 September) with the Velox 2, described as a lightweight, aerodynamic velomobile, developed in partnership with engineering plastics supplier DSM (Singapore). A vital component of the Velox 2 was the drive-train incorporating DSM's Stanyl polyamide (PA) 46.

To reach record speeds with human-powered transport, you not only need the right cyclist, you also need the best vehicle says DSM. A velomobile is a recumbent bicycle with a streamlined shell and with the right combination of aerodynamic design and a strong drive-train, it can reach speeds in excess of 100 km/h. That is why the Human Power Team, consisting of students from both the Delft University of Technology and VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands, partnered with DSM in the development of their velomobile Velox 2....
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