Traid Villarroya Hnos S.L.

50 anniversary of Traid Villarroya

This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary and we want to take a moment to thank our customers. We had the opportunity to work with many of you over the years. It is your loyalty and support that has made us one of the largest engineering plastics and non ferrous metals company in the world. There have been many changes since Traid Villarroya first started in 1968. In the beginning almost all our materials were delivered directly into your home by our “transport”. Today, the vast majority of our materials are delivered world wide. We have many great partners from all over the world. We thank all those customers that promote and sell Traid´s products. We never tire from hearing how much you enjoy our products. We enjoy reading emails from those who express their appreciation to us for being the first company with top quality. Hearing from you encourages us to continue to improve on those qualities you expect in your products. We look forward to hearing and sharing more of your stories with all those who make it happen every day; our employees. So as we celebrate our 50th, we want to make sure we thank you for your loyalty and support. We know you have a choice when you reach into the materials, thank you for reaching for Traid Villarroya!!!